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About the BC Basic Income Panel

In July 2018, the Province of BC announced the creation of an expert panel to explore the idea of a basic income guarantee in British Columbia.

The researchers’ mandate was to study basic income as a potential policy tool for poverty reduction, assessing its feasibility and its relation to existing income and social supports in BC.

The panel concluded their work in December 2020 and their findings are now publicly available on this website.

Read Minister Nicholas Simons’ statement


Dr. David Green

Dr. David Green, Panel Chair

Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia

Dr. David Green is a Professor at the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia and an International Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London, UK.

Dr. Green’s research focus is in labour economics, particularly the determinants of wages and employment structures. He obtained his PhD in economics from Stanford University.

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Dr. Jonathan Rhys Kesselman

School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Jonathan Rhys Kesselman is a Professor Emeritus at the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He held the Canada Research Chair in Public Finance until his retirement in 2017.

Dr. Kesselman’s areas of expertise include public finance, taxation, and social policy. He obtained his PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Dr. Lindsay Tedds

School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Dr. Lindsay Tedds is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Scientific Director of Fiscal and Economic Policy at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Tedds specializes in applied economics and policy analysis, with a particular focus on the design and implementation of fiscal and tax policy. She obtained her PhD in economics from McMaster University.

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Lead Co-Author & Writer

Daniel Perrin

Principal, Perrin, Thorau and Associates Ltd.

Daniel (Dan) Perrin is Principal at Perrin, Thorau and Associates Ltd., a public policy consulting firm since 1994 in Victoria, B.C.

As an advisor and analyst, Mr. Perrin has undertaken hundreds of assignments for various provincial public sector entities. He has also facilitated and provided research and writing support to numerous independent panels for the Province of BC. He obtained his master’s degree in economics from UBC.

The panel led a team of researchers, including:

University of British Columbia

Dr. Nicole Fortin
Pablo Gutierrez
Jeffrey Hicks
Dr. Alan Jacobs
Dr. Richard Johnston
Sarah Lachance
Dr. Thomas Lemieux
Dr. Kevin Milligan
Dr. W. Craig Riddell
Marcelo Sacchi de Carvalho
Dr. Gaëlle Simard-Duplain
Dr. Erik Snowberg

University of Calgary

Anna Cameron
Dr. Ryan Clements
Daria Crisan
Robin Gray
Sarah Hertz
Dr. Ron Kneebone
Dr. Myles Leslie
John Lester
Gillian Petit
Dr. Blake Shaffer
Dr. Trevor Tombe
Margarita Wilkins
Dr. Jennifer Winter
Dr. Jennifer Zwicker

Carleton University

Dr. Jennifer Robson
Robin Shaban

Elevate Consulting

William Warburton


Dr. Mark Stabile

University of Manitoba

Dr. Wayne Simpson

Maytree Foundation

Michael Mendelson

McMaster University

Dr. Katherine Cuff
Dr. Arthur Sweetman

Ohio State University

Dr. Lauren Jones

Queen’s University

Dr. Robin Boadway

Simon Fraser University

Paniz Najjarrezaparast
Dr. Krishna Pendakur

University of Toronto

Dr. Michael Baker
Dr. Kory Kroft

University of Victoria

Dr. Jacqueline Quinless
Dr. Rebecca Warburton

University of Waterloo

Dr. Chris Riddell

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